PSENSE for Universities


Just having the technical skills as a graduate might not get you that superb job you have always wanted to have. Poise Graduate Finishing Academy has been able to bridge that gap between the young talented final year students of great universities, enabling the have that soft skills they need to get that dream job they desire.

Over the years we have equipped young graduates (Final Year Students) of universities with the knowhow they need to stand out amongst there pairs and the labor market at large.

This programme is done alongside the authorities of the institution to enable us give the best to all our participant.

Structure and curriculum

Teaching Methodology:

  • Role Plays
  • Case Studies
  • Adventure & Experimental Learning Exercise
  • Individual and Group Projects Presentation
  • Interactive Lectures

Courses Offered:

  • CV writing and Winning Interview Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Knowledge of Workplace Ethics
  • General ICT Skills
  • Grammar and Speech
  • Diction
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Social and Business Etiquette
  • Professional Attitude and Behaviour
  • Ability to use MS Office
  • Life on the Program

Career Services:

Job fairs: Job fair is one of the ways we connect our trained young executives with jobs.

Recruiters employ quality young executives from the PGFA platform. The PSENSE certification distinguishes the young executive in the job market and make them most sort out for.

Admissions & Fees:

The training is done in the university environment on Friday and Saturday. And it is taken by the students of university depending on the agreement between the institution and Poise Nigeria.

Programme runs 5 days.

Tuition Fee: 10,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are eligible to attend the programme?

Final year students or all level of students this is dependent on the agreement between the institution and Poise Nigeria

When is the training?

Weekends (Friday and Saturday)