Managing Director's Message

Asher Adneiyi

Asher Adeniyi

Managing Director

Dear Friends and  Partners,

As we fast approach 10 years of existence – 2020, it is worthwhile to reflect and build tremendously on the impact of PGFA in developing great employees and workforce for Nigeria through the provision of life skills education and recently, digital skills education.

At inception, PGFA was founded to solve employment headache of employers. Employers at the pre-inaugural summit belly-ached about the incapability of graduates to fit into the work place seamlessly. Graduates needed so much training and years of experience before the bright ones began to show signs of excellence and productivity.

We took on this challenge, spear-headed the built-up of a curriculum and a pre-employment assessment (which is one of the best in the world). In seven years, we trained over 35,000 students and young graduates all over Nigeria. 87% of our young executive certified alumni now have jobs or have started their businesses. Our goal of bridging the unemployment gap is being achieved.

However, we discovered that there was a group below the chain that we forgot: these are children who are vulnerable because of little or no access to quality education after the free secondary school education provided for by the government. The children, now teenagers become miscreants and a burden to the society. Again, we took on this challenge; first – by launching the “Making An Impact (MAI)” Project. We toured communities and gave them relief items, built water system, rehabilitated schools and classrooms, gave out educational items, taught children in school and we rekindled hope in communities. We received support from over 80 companies and we had a laudable impact.

As our custom is, we strived to make this sustainable – hence, we joined the fleet of Bits Schools in the world by founding the Eko Bits Academy to train these indigent students who cannot afford to go to tertiary institutions on digital skills (ICT, Videography, Camera, Web development, etc) as well as life skills. Our purpose is that these young people would be able to get decent jobs, provide for their families, live in a better environment and finance their university education on their own.

In view of all these, our work has received tremendous and laudable support from both local and international donors. In fact, we made more impact as result of these donor organization. We have spent over 200,000 Euros training and connecting these youths with jobs.