Pre-employment testing

We have worked for years with the smartest partners in the business to create what many consider to be the best pre-employment testing system available for HR today. We have created a testing suite that could be deployed universally (online testing), but still provide assurances that the person who scored so well on the test was the same person to whom you were about to offer a job (proctored confirmatory testing).

Our test makes it easier to choose the right applicant


Reach applicants wherever they have a PC, be it in or out of town.

It allows employers to cast a broad net, delivering tests directly to applicants through a web browser, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Installed-software quality tests available online.

It takes the highest-fidelity computer-based work-sample tests.

One annual fee covers it all.

With no “per test” charges, and no “per seat” licensing limitations, it is the easiest system to scale and deploy. Unlimited internet-based and locally-installed testing sessions with pricing designed to fit each individual organization.

It offers the best security.

Optionally use local, confirmatory testing to ensure that your applicants took their own tests remotely.

Maximize test defensibility and minimize legal exposure.

It tests are the most-valid because they are locally-validated for your positions in your own work environment.