40 First Jobs

Our goal is to inspire young people to think differently about the importance and impact of their first job as a necessity. The “40 First Jobs” event is tagged after the book “40 first jobs”. It is a book of renowned entrepreneurs, industrialist, and career high flyers who describe in details their first jobs and its impact on their life and career. The book inspires readers, especially youth with practical information on useful steps to advancing their career from their first job.

The 40 First Jobs seminars will bring together young people who are currently unemployed to participate in the awareness program. The key lesson here would be for youths to know by story-telling that majority of the current leaders started with “undesirable, low-profile jobs” and how the first job is treated is more important that what the first job is.

In 2019, more youths would be reached with video skits of stories of the 40 First Jobs individuals and it will engage the youth and make it a viral series. The main purpose of the video skits is to pass across the (same) message from the organized “40 First Jobs” events in smaller, digestible chunks and to a larger audience using digital media and marketing channels.

The impact of the 40 First Jobs event has helped youths to build stronger confidence and self-esteem while on their first jobs. The number of youths who attended the program and remained on their jobs or transited to a new/better one increased by about 65%