‘Lessons from the International Youth Day’

This year’s United Nations’ International Youth Day was celebrated at Poise Nigeria on Friday 10 August 2018. The event was hosted by Asher Adeniyi, Managing Director, PoiseGFA with special guests Benedicta Oyiana (Human Resources Manager, Nestle Nigeria), Mrs. Hauwa Ojeifo (Founder, SheWritesWoman).
One of the key learning points is that succeeding in a career requires ADAPTABILITY. To be adaptable, you should do these three things:
 You’ll embrace challenges better
Being adaptable means working without boundaries, and being open to finding diverse and unexpected solutions to problems and challenges in the workplace. Without limitations on your thinking and actions, challenges become something not to dread, but to seize and enjoy working through. As someone who is adaptable you’ll also be willing to engage a variety of people with diverse skills to get the job done, building broad networks of highly engaged and capable people as you go.
 You’ll become a better leader
Great leaders know that change is inevitable, and they don’t shy away from it. They also remain positive in the face of adversity, keeping their teams and employees focused and motivated through tough or lackluster periods. Great leaders are also open-minded and considered, knowing that solutions and brilliance can be found in many places. They’re never quick to disregard solutions that might be viable. All these important leadership qualities have adaptability at their core, and rely on an ability to adapt to, and embrace change. 
 You’ll always be relevant 
People who are willing to change, or shake up conventional ways of doing things will remain relevant throughout their working lives because they’re comfortable experimenting. Whether it means trialing a new project management system to better adapt to your growing organization, or completely reengineering how you manage teams, be willing to trial different tools, strategies and techniques to achieve the best outcomes. Workplaces are changing faster than ever before, and if you’re not willing to constantly adapt, then expect to be left behind.

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