Creating a Winning Presentation

When giving a presentation it is essential that you make an impact on the listener and that your presentation is memorable even after it is over.
Here are five top tips for creating a winning presentation.
Start Strong – The beginning of your presentation is crucial. Not only do you need to grab your audience’s attention, you need to hold their attention throughout the presentation.
Keep it Simple – Concentrate on your core message while keeping in mind the question, or at least three main points you wish for your audience to take away from the presentation.
Connect with your audience – The best way to do this is to let your passion for the subject shine through. Be enthusiastic and honest and your audience will respond.
Use your voice effectively – You can do this by varying the speed at which you talk and emphasizing changes in pitch and tone all help to make your voice more interesting and hold your audience’s attention.
Keep your audience in mind -Your presentation needs to be built around what your audience is going to get out of the presentation.
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