Developing the best skill for your career

Human Resources executives have several differences in HR management but they agre on one thing. It is that the top one or two that a good jobseeker could possess is problem solving. A good problem solver will eventually make a great employee.
Problem Solving is the ability to identify the nature of a problem, its root-cause, deconstruct it and develop an effective set of actions to address the challenges related to it. One of the most widely used and effective formulas from project management, which is called IDEA: Identify, Define, Examine, Act, can be applied to steps to improve problem solving skills.
 Identify the problem.
Great problem solvers try to identify the very roots of the problematic situation – the nature of a particular problem which can be clearly distinguished, addressed and ultimately solved. It is more important to clarify where those problems and challenges come from.
Define the main elements of the problem.
The next step in problem solving, and in learning problem-solving skills, is an ability to break down the problem into smaller and more manageable parts by defining the main elements of the problem. It is an essential step and a skill to develop. Instead of facing a giant, seemingly impossible problem, you have to learn how to break down a big problem into smaller elements, then you are no longer facing an impossible task, and can go about making several very concrete steps to achieve the goal and solve your problem.
Examine possible solutions.
One should not just look for simplistic ways to address the elements of the problem. They should find the most effective ways and turn them into an opportunity to make a strong success story. Steve Jobs often liked to suggest that when his team was confronted with a problem they had to search for “an elegant, really beautiful solution that works.”
Act on resolving the problem.
Developing a step-by-step execution plan and acting effectively and decisively is the final touch in the problem-solving process.

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